Tubacex Group, through Schoeller Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr GmbH and IBF S.p.A – TUBACEX Group, has participated in two pivotal events organized by the European nuclear leader, EDF.

“European Nuclear Suppliers’ Day”: This event, focused on new installations, provided a prime opportunity to present EDF’s vision for the future of the nuclear industry, emphasizing EDF’s fleet-based approach and long-term plans for new nuclear build projects in Europe. This gathering enabled EDF partners to forge significant connections and collectively explore new opportunities for nuclear projects across the continent. EDF’s recognition of Tubacex’s role in the European supply chain is settled in a long-term relationship with supplies of critical components in NSSS and BNI systems in projects like Hinkley Point, Flamanville, or Okiluoto among others. TUBACEX is looking ahead to the new Sizewell units which are planned to be built in the UK as well as to the future EPR2 nuclear reactor design where it is supporting EDF with engineering services for safety-related piping systems.

“Le Grand Rendez-Vous: Grand Carenage & Start 2025”: Today, we are also participating in this event focusing on the rehabilitation projects for EDF’s fleet of nuclear reactors. To ensure reactors can operate up to 60 years, EDF has initiated the “Grand Carénage” program, a massive investment in exceptional and routine maintenance across its entire nuclear fleet. This colossal project, launched in 2015, represents a significant effort in maintaining and upgrading nuclear reactors for long-term operation. TUBACEX, through its French platform GNMS, is a very active player in this field of activity and has supported EDF in the “decenal” maintenance programs for all the 900MW and 1300MW reactors. The group has provided a wide scope of piping solutions to extend the life of the EDF plants and to cope with the safety measures requested by the French regulator after the Fukushima event. The most relevant project was the “CSC” one where TUBACEX delivered from its daughter company IBF special forged components on a fast-track mode to 20 nuclear plants due to an urgency stop. TUBACEX was acknowledged with a recognition at the WNE show in Paris in 2023 for its good performance.

At Tubacex Group, our integrated company structure specializes in designing advanced materials and delivering sophisticated industrial solutions for the nuclear sector. With extensive experience in both rehabilitating existing plants and developing greenfield installations, our collaboration with EDF’s specialized teams is crucial for anticipating needs and ensuring long-term cooperation.

As the nuclear sector enters a dynamic period of renewal, we are confident that the European nuclear industry has the potential to significantly contribute to a Net Zero future.

Together, we are shaping the future of nuclear energy in Europe.