Tubacex is proud to have played a significant role in the establishment of several schools in Thailand over the past few years, under the auspices of the Fundación Colabora Birmania.

The Tubacex Foundation has been at the forefront of driving impactful projects in education, culture, sports, social welfare, and employment. Our mission is clear: to enrich the lives of the communities where we operate, bringing value and fostering growth. One of our remarkable achievements is the recently inaugurated KM 42 School, which now serves 225 children and 12 dedicated teachers. Currently, there is a proposal to construct a building for secondary education.

Other impactful projects we support include Heavenly Home Orphanage, with 59 children studying in Thai schools and 19 children studying in Migrant Learning Centers.

Our ambition for 2030 is to fully realize our commitment to people and equal opportunities to achieve a sustainable future for all. By driving international training, diversity, environmental respect, and community support, we aim to be a catalyst for economic and social growth.

Together, we are building a brighter future.