This standard is internationally recognized for setting clear guidelines in comprehensive risk management and providing an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework that identifies and addresses key business risks.

With this certification, TUBACEX positions itself at the forefront of management enhancement, operational effectiveness, and governance. Employing risk management techniques under the ISO 31000 framework builds trust among all stakeholders and contributes to reducing uncertainties in achieving organizational goals. The implementation of this standard also involves integrating controls into existing management systems to analyze risks and minimize potential losses. It adapts to the unique characteristics of the company and aligns with international standards, enhancing the resilience and performance of management systems. ISO 31000 strengthens the alignment of management systems with other standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, focusing on risk management in processes. This adaptability is crucial for effectively responding to changes and supporting business growth in accordance with the business plan.

The versatility of ISO 31000 allows its application across any business activity and against any risk, showcasing its cross-organizational value. The standard demands a commitment from the management to continuous improvement, integrating risk management into strategy and management.

Principles such as creating value and reputation, systematic and structured risk management, and adaptation to change are pillars of the ISO 31000 that TUBACEX has embraced. The standard is based on the best available information, adapts to existing resources, and considers human and cultural factors that contribute to achieving organizational goals. Furthermore, it promotes a transparent and participatory risk management process, involving stakeholders and facilitating continuous improvement.

This achievement marks a significant step for TUBACEX, demonstrating its capacity to navigate a complex business environment and its commitment to operational and strategic excellence.



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