In a collaborative effort to tackle the challenge of electric vehicle battery recycling, Tubacex Innovation has partnered with prominent industry players in the Baterurgia project. Led by Sacyr Circular (Sacyr Concessions) along with Sacyr Fluor, Ferroglobe, and Colorobbia, and supported by three innovative SMEs: Recyclia, Little Energy, and Coveless, this initiative focuses on developing advanced technologies for managing the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries (LIB), from dismantling to critical metal recovery through innovative metallurgical processes.

Tubacex Innovation’s involvement in the Baterurgia project highlights its commitment to sustainability and technological innovation. The project aims to implement robotic and artificial vision solutions to dismantle battery cells that are no longer viable for use and extract valuable materials. This strategy not only improves metal recovery efficiency but also promotes the reuse of these components for manufacturing new batteries or their integration into other industrial sectors.

LIB recycling presents a significant opportunity to reduce raw material dependency, as a typical 60 kWh battery contains about 200 kg of metals. Moreover, this process contributes to environmental protection by reducing natural resource extraction and mitigating associated environmental impacts.

With a budget of six million euros and support from the CDTI and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Baterurgia aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The project seeks not only to find advanced technical solutions but also to set a precedent for the development of recycling plants on the Iberian Peninsula, thus establishing the infrastructure needed for a greener future.

Collaboration with CSIC-CENIM and Azterlan has already yielded initial successes, with the first laboratory castings produced and plans underway to launch industrial stainless steel production at ACERALAVA using black mass residues in the final phase of the project. This integrated approach among industries and research centers underscores the role of Tubacex Innovation as a leader in promoting technologies that facilitate the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy.