The April 25th, the BBK ESG Hub conference, held at the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, featured Tubacex’s Director of Sustainability, Nagore Larrea, discussing the implementation of comprehensive sustainability plans within corporations. The event was moderated by Marta Areizaga, board member of Asocimi, Trustee of the Tubacex Foundation, and CEO and Founder of Firstlehen. Joining Larrea were Juan Diego Casals, Director of Business Development and Institutional Relations at Petronor, and Isabel Garro, Global Sustainability Manager at Votorantim Cimentos.

The forum emphasized the critical need for cross-functional Sustainability Plans that not only address regulatory requirements but also focus on specific goals and the necessary actions to achieve them. “Transitioning from macro-level strategies to micro-level initiatives and listening to the needs of the company and its stakeholders are essential for developing an inclusive Sustainability Plan,” participants noted.

A significant focus was placed on ensuring that information permeates all layers of the organization, requiring extensive education. “It’s crucial to teach every member of the company in a didactic manner about the goals we aim to achieve, their role in this process, and how they can contribute,” said the speakers.

The discussion also highlighted the importance of involving supply chain partners in sustainability objectives. “It’s not enough to measure our own metrics—we need to evaluate and support our suppliers, especially smaller companies, on their sustainability journey,” the panelists expressed.

The speakers collectively recognized the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the immediate benefits of implementing Sustainability Plans but agreed on their long-term value in enhancing competitiveness and compliance. They advocated for clearer regulations and standardized assessment of ESG indicators to better guide decision-making and address competition from markets with less stringent standards.

Through this dialogue, Tubacex affirmed its role as a leader in pushing for sustainable practices within the industry, emphasizing collaboration, comprehensive education, and strict oversight to foster a more sustainable and competitive future.