TUBACEX, a leader in advanced materials and solutions for a sustainable future, announces its latest venture into the burgeoning field of hydrogen production. The company reiterates its commitment to driving the green revolution and decarbonizing industrial processes.

Raquel Rodriguez, a distinguished colleague from Tubacex, will present a seminal paper on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers at the upcoming Stainless Steel World conference. The presentation will take place on September 27th at 12:20 PM in Conference Arena 2.

PEM electrolyzers play an integral role in hydrogen production, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen via advanced electrochemical processes. Tubacex’s research particularly focuses on the use of stainless steel bipolar plates (BPPs) in electrolyzers. These BPPs offer enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining corrosion resistance.

This pivotal research cements Tubacex’s status as a best-in-class partner for businesses aspiring to a greener and more sustainable future.

Tubacex invites all interested parties to attend the presentation and visit Tubacex’s booth #C16 at the Stainless Steel World 2023 conference to be held in Maastricht.