TUBACEX expects to double their production capacity of tubes for oil and gas exploration and extraction (OCTG) by creating a new cold-rolling line at their Amurrio plant, which will start operating at the end of this year.

With this new investment, TUBACEX gives due response to the demand for new high value-added products, especially for tubes for oil and gas exploration and extraction, which implied 36.2% of the total order intake in 2011 for tubes for new investment projects.

These new facilities will work continuously and totally automated, having a Pilger-type cold-roller and a new finishing line, specially designed for OCTG tubes. These finishing facilities, which will be equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, comprising a straightener, an ultrasound control system, a 1,300 bar hydraulic press, cutting equipment, a picking unit, a washing and a drying station, a measuring, weighing and marking system, as well as inspection and packaging equipment.

We must highlight this new line is designed so that the tubes do not touch each other, both during the manufacturing and finishing processes as well as during the storage and transport of tubes.

These new finishing facilities will also provide services to the current OCTG tube rolling lines that TUBACEX has been operating since 2009 at the Amurrio plant, which are also ready to deal with potential production increases in the future.

The installation of a new production line for OCTG tubes will start during the operational stop programed for the month of August and we expect it to be fully functional by the last quarter of the year.

With this investment, TUBACEX will improve their product mix and will continue to increase the weight of new high value-added products – products that the company did not manufacture five years ago – in the total sales of the Group.

Press relations
Nagore Larrea