In recognition of the unwavering commitment to safety and risk prevention by ACERALAVA and TTI, we have been honored this noon with the ASEPEYO Antoni Serra Santamans Award in its XI Edition.

This accolade highlights the best preventive practices in the workplace. Over recent years, at Tubacex, we have implemented an innovative prevention management system, focusing on providing tools to improve risk perception among collaborators. Initiatives such as thorough accident analyses, learning from incidents, and the development of the safety culture transformation project have been key to this achievement.

The joint effort of the teams at the ACVA and TTI plants has been fundamental in gaining this recognition, reflecting their trajectory, willingness, and commitment to occupational risk prevention. Thanks to all the team members of for your dedication and effort, which have allowed us to reach this level of excellence in prevention.


Picture: Celestino Danis, TTI/Aceralava General Manager and Jose María Manero, Risk Prevention Director.