As a trailblazer in advanced industrial products and services for the energy and mobility sectors, we are excited to introduce UREMIUM29 – a true game-changer for urea plants. In our latest article, published in Stainless Steel Magazine and authored by Beatriz Calleja and Alejandra Lopez, we will delve into #UREMIUM29, a super duplex stainless steel specially crafted for the most demanding high-pressure sections of urea plants, including strippers. Operating under extreme conditions – high temperatures, soaring pressures, and corrosive environments due to ammonium carbamate, we understand the importance of preventing corrosion in critical equipment for safe and stable operations. And that’s where UREMIUM29 shines.

Key takeaways from our article:

✅ UREMIUM29 exhibits exceptional resistance to carbamate-induced corrosion.

✅ Rigorous testing revealed its low corrosion rates and high mechanical strength, even at elevated temperatures.

✅ Case studies prove its outstanding performance in real-world applications.

At TUBACEX, we are committed to innovation and ensuring the efficiency and longevity of urea plants

Stainless Steel World Magazine September 2023 (